Vapor Barriers

I've experimented with vapor barriers (VB) in the past but haven't really been a big fan.  Back in the 90's when I didn't have two nickels to rub together, plastic garbage bags in my sleeping bag worked well in the winter temps but I simply hated the feel of VB's-- well maybe just plastic.  I like it better when moisture evaporates from the body as it's designed and layered clothing (softshells, etc...) do the breathing. Except I'm inevitably soaked, especially during the ITI. No way around it.

Recently, though I thought I would give VB's another chance. A week ago the weather had been in the single digits but windy (20-30 mph) especially in channeled areas.  Last Friday I went for a 10 mile run with just Hoka's and a plastic bag over my foot with sock on top. My feet were !!hot!! I'm used to sort of a numbed cool foot and the hot sweaty foot was a bit uncomfortable.  The moisture in the bag, whew, what would 12 hours of riding do in an enclosed bag?? 

The next day, which would be Saturday, I went out for a 2 hr ride in similar conditions and a similar experience.  Lately, my feet (clipped in) have been on the verge of too numb and whole clipless thing came into question again.... not only for the cold but for the continued crashes in snow which I now have a bent derailleur... but I digress.  The plastic bag on the foot is really quite incredible as far as heat.  My foot, again, was super duper hot.

Today I ditched the bike and went for a 20 mile 3 1/2 hr run. I've been experiencing pain on the Tuberosity of Fifth Metatarsal of my left foot.... according to my new Nova Skeletal Pro App (which my daughter loves).  Therefore I was a little slower than I would have liked.

It was a good loop that I included about 5 miles of tundra running with some hills before I hit the road back to town.  It was -5 "over the hill" and I just plugged along with my VB's and HR monitor.  The VB on the feet were almost too hot, again.  I was pleasantly surprised that moisture build up was not really an issue in the VB.  While I was fairly laden with layers, pack and hydration I couldn't get over how folks routinely whip out running 100 milers.  After 20 I was plumb tuckered, as a friend used to say.  

tundra running
What's with all the skulls I find on these outings?