Veterans Day Ride

A good ride today, 44 miles and 4 1/2 hrs.  I decided to get off the icy roads and take the beach.  It's flat but I wanted to check out any changes the storm brought.  I also checked on a couple of friends cabins.  Surprisingly little cabin damage fortunately.  The beach, however, looked super clean, wide and hard packed frozen from the high water surge.  The only problem was the ever increasing headwind going down the coast.

Beach riding
Darn headwind.

Storm left a really clean wide beach to ride
Muskox head revealed after storm.  Some people bury the head and let sand fleas do the cleaning work.  Wonder if someone forgot about this one. 

At my turnaround it was blowing 30 according to my little kestrel wx station.  Cold and hard going but maintained my HR.  Didn't even have to take a drink till 3hrs in, completely forgot.  The turn around was awesome- fueled up and a tailwind. I was cruising at 18-21 mph at times to keep the HR up.  That was fun! Some good pictures too, if only I had a better camera.

Washed up crab, already frozen, was tempted to bring home for dinner. 

Looks like these guys didn't fair so well in the storm. 

  The last 5 miles I got my feet wet fell crossing a stream, the wind was a brutal crosswind and the ice on the road coming off the beach was super slick.  I was glad to make it home.

Ice chunks broken up and deposited during storm


PatrickCT said…
Phil - we always really enjoy your updates & appreciate the fact that you keep 'em coming...
NCL said…
Awesome adventures and pictures! Thanks for sharing.
MC said…
The great starfish catastrophe!

Looking at the pics makes me think you live on the other side of the planet. Looking at an atlas says that's kinda accurate.

Thanks for sharing.