Nome in the News

Photo taken by Carol Gales

A little activity in Nome that seems to be making the rounds in the media .  The two pictures here show the difference in camera's and that maybe I need a new one.  The above was taken by our friend Carol and below with an iphone.  My normal point and shoot cheapo camera finally gave out after 4 yours of brutal use.

Watching the Coast Guard move around in that ice is pretty cool and their journey sounds epic. They arrived just in time for the weather to warm up to -2.  I heard and read about the updates on the news.  A pace, at times, as slow as snow biking on the ITI... over Rainy Pass.... in 2009.  How low we really were with fuel (Crowley also provides fuel) I don't personally know but with the past month of -30 temps I wouldn't be surprised if it ate up a bunch.   

In either case, I can't post much in the way of photos till I get a new camera.  I'll never be as prolific as MC's beautiful shots but during yesterday's run would've posed some good opportunities.  The family went for a short ride in the car and dropped me off at Osborne/Triple creek area.  (I watched the Olympic Trials for the marathon yesterday and got the urge to run).  I ran back to town over dexter bypass just as the wind picked up.  It was about 11 miles with a diversion up Anvil hill.  Much of the run over the dexter road was buried in snow. Between the poor visibility, poor crust running and the poor resurgence of wind I was glad to make it back home in a very non-Olympic time.