Daylight advantages

Outskirts of Shishmaref

After a belated return from Shishmaref on Saturday I felt in need of a long run to stretch my legs.  My plan was to run the dexter bypass, osbourn to Nome loop.  It's about 13 miles.  At the top of the anvil / newton "pass" I ran (almost literally) into 4 muskox.

No big deal. I diverted on the tundra around them at a safe distance though at some point I decided the tundra running was a lot more fun that the gravel road. Before I could turn back I just climbed straight up Newton and then ran the ridge lines.

I didn't worry about distance and just kept the heart rate up and went running that felt more like exploring.

Muskox shedding quiviat
 It was such a blast.  My loop was not the one planned and it may have been more like 10 miles in 2 hrs but it was so much fun.  I can see the attraction to mountain / trail running.

When I returned from my run it was a transition to a night out (2 hrs really) on the town for some dancing with Sarah. Arlo Hannigan was putting on a cd release party and even had a fire dancer.  

Today was a more mellow bike-riding-kind-of-day. This was followed by a hike on the tundra with the kids on some new found trails (from yesterday's run) yelling "yo bear" a lot. I've been thinking about some nice excursions for the summer, two to be precise... more on that later