Phil's Phantastic (Late) Phathers Day Post

Sarah said, the day is yours to do what you'd like. My first inkling was to go for an epic cram 20 hr adventure but inadequate prep time and no family time defeated the purpose of fathers day. After running a number of scenarios in my mind, I opted for an outing with both a fitness challenge and family time.  The simplest logistical way to accomplish this is by running. I set out for a 20 mile run while Sarah and the family met up with the car at certain points for family breaks.  One of those breaks consisted of a casual hike with the family up "Extra Dry Creek".

 The second break was a run with Hahnah while she rode her new bike.

The last was a stop at friends Tyler and Erika for some play time.  The actual running time was 2hrs 30 min for the 20 miles but the total outing time was over 5 hrs of fun.  A grand day, thank you family!!