Juneau fun on the run

Hahnah thought water was Hawaii compared to Nome
This past week the fam and I have been in Juneau for Sarah's high school reunion.  This is my first time in Juneau in the summer. Usually we are here during folk fest, typically April.  Having followed both Jill and Geoff's blogs over the years one can't help but wonder if we can glean some of the same enjoyment they have from the area. In the times I have been here in April I did a couple of lame attempts up the mountains but there was usually too much snow to get far in what gear I had.  I also didn't know the routes and was quite hesitant to barge into unknown drop-offs.

Well this week I got a nice sense of the potential fun this place has directly behind the city.  Even though I have a little bit of a "peak bagger" mentality I went on 4 different mountain runs and didn't reach the summit... once... of anything. My disclaimer, of course, is that in each run I only had an allotted 1 - 1.5 hr time period. I sure had a good time though. The trails are tremendously fun and without question (I'm sure) hours can slip by unnoticed.  The lower parts of the mountain are these easy to follow running trails up up up the mountains till the more fun above tree line running that reminds me a bit of Nome.  It's definitely addicting and may be a place to move to once I get Nome out of my system.

Muddy mud