How much can you pack.... a weekend that's warm and wind that feels like a refreshing breeze rather than a brutal headwind.

The Saturday started off with a 6am 4 hour ride.  It was suprisingly, hot.  I had to shed clothes right away.  I went down the coast past Safety with the road bike.  A nice ride and I made good time but the road bike was a little much to handle on a long ride full of dirt and pot holes.
Revelation: Road bikes are not meant for dirt roads

So happy to have a bridge to roll the only pavement, felt like doing laps on the bridge. 

Beach break

Post ride: it was only 11am, a great feeling.  The weather kept improving and with no obligations for the day we gathered the family and headed down the coast.  In actual time that was about 3 hrs to get ready, pack load up fishing poles, chain saw, tent, beach games and clothes if the weather turned.  No need to worry.  We drove on the beach about 40 miles out and had an incredible beach day.  A rare treat.  The kids were running around in the water like a lower 48 beach.