Running around

Photo taken by Aprille Pitt, runners. 
The past two weeks have been a running kind of time. Two Saturdays ago I ran the local 8 mile dexter challenge in rain and a fair amount of mud.  I was happy with my 55 min time though I was really pushing hard up the steady climb over to dexter.  163 was my average HR BPM with spikes above 170 which is pretty high for me, but I just couldn't catch the faster runner ahead of me.

Photo taken by Aprille Pitt (I think). Willis Fireball running, approaching Cape Nome.

The following week, last Saturday, I ran my (and Nome's) first official unoffical Cape Nome marathon set up by a local organizer. It was (again) wet, some rain and a fair amount of slippery mud.   I finished in 3:16 with an average HR of 156 bpm without much variation. I felt like the attempt was solid though some muddy sliding tweaked my knee that caused discomfort from mile 14 till mile 18 and then, voila, dissappeared.  Knee pain is funny like that.  There were 3 other brave souls on the full but the half was much more popular   Overall a fun event that hopefully will continue annually.

Not sure what's next....