Rainy Weeks

Here's a photo synopsis of the past 3 weeks that makes me wish I could write more.  My fat back is done! I will be heading to Seattle to visit family and driving to Oregon and meet up with Pete to pick it up later this month.  Cannot wait.

Then there was and still is the rain!! I don't know how many inches have fell but with my early morning runs and rides it has been wearing.  I would much much rather have subzero than sideways rain at 40 degrees... well maybe.

Interspersed in the rain have been a few photogenic moments with a nice Alaskan wedding and music. 

Sarah has moved her store to a new building and it has been great helping getting it ready the past few weeks.  

I topped off this week with a return from Savoonga followed immediately the next day by a 5 am to 7 pm moose hunt... of course in the rain. But well worth it! It was awesome to hang out with great company and subsist! 

Here's a little movie flying back from Savoonga into Nome and a small section of Tyler 4-wheeling across a river.  The rivers were swollen and hard to cross. The 4-wheeler is getting pushed down stream a bit.   I added (of course) one of my wife's originals into the segment to make it more dramatic.