Sat Faturday

 Earlier this week I flew to Shishmaref and it just was a spectacular view over the Kigs from Nome.  I was careening with opportunities (in my mind) of adventures or past adventures looking down.  Sigh.

 Lately, I have opted to complete my training workouts before work to have more family time.  As the daylight diminishes this essentially means I have been riding solely in the dark since September.

It makes for, sometimes, sketchy riding but much less since the fat bike.  Now I just worry about the beady eyes that stare back into my headlamp.  Is it a fox? Moose? Muskox? Or a reflector.  So far all except bear (cross my fingers) have been seen but mostly reflectors or foxes.  It certainly keeps me awake!
Today I went for a longer ride and was on the road by 5 am.  That's 4 hours of darkness...... oh and wind.  Yep, the fall/winter north wind is back and it was hopping on the way out as a head wind and an awesome tailwind on the way back.  I took some pics though dark and some video of the return.  You can tell I was riding high with the tail wind.  This was followed by a little tundra riding.  The music, of course, is my wife's original.  

 The new GPS garmin 62 I have is just fantastic.  I uploaded the ride to Garmin connect and while I thought I went 52 miles I really went 48! Darn that GPS.


Anonymous said…
Sorry, I'm muskox naive, can they be dangerous?
Phil said…
Yeah they certainly can be if you wander or ride close enough. Stubborn, non-moving and a pain in the butt... can't really see their eyes in the dark too with all the shaggy fur.