ITI 2013 (c)

I kind of overlapped the last section on this one,  this measurement has about 6 hrs of dead air where I wasn't recording GPS data.  I probably ran out of batteries and didn't replace or it was just turned off.  I can't remember.  What I do like is the last 4 hrs, this is more or less the steps, notice the heart rate still doesn't get above 120-ish. 

When I stumbled out of finger lake I vaguely recall a conversation with Eszter and Brian about the crazy leader pace and then I ran into Pete! I haven't seen Pete since before flathorn and it was just like dejavu all over again.  I know he was having some knee issues and wasn't feeling the best.  I was tempted to wait and ride with him but I moved on. At that point you never know, Pete's one of those guys that could just smoke everyone if his mojo is on no matter how far behind.  I wasn't feeling the greatest at this point and had some nausea.  I ate and drank some more then cruised.  The trail was good, a bit soft but completely good riding. I kept it moving, feeling better once I hit the hills. Seven hours later I was in Puntilla, I didn't make any ground on the lead group.  I pulled up to Puntilla and they were just leaving (again).  They arrived exactly 2 hrs earlier.  JP was still sticking around to keep eating and I heard Jason in the back snoozing away.  I was 100% sure someone on the rainy section would blow as it doesn't sound like anyone slept during the rest nor the whole race so far. I always bonk hard on this section and every time I hit Rohn I am edemic.  I laid down and slept 90 min on the dot, 1 REM cycle. Woke up ate some more & tried to get out of the checkpoint-- which is always hard. Brian rolled in while I was waking up and then Eszter came in right as I was leaving.   I felt good leaving Puntilla and excited to catch up.  The scenery was spectacular and above the treeline I could see for miles up the valley.  Rainy reminds me so much of Nome in its volatility and scenery that I enjoy this part a lot-- except it's always enjoyed by pushing not riding.  I was floored that I could ride and it was clear moonlit sky! No wind! I felt very rested and up to this point in the race have not bonked.  I felt I held back just enough to prep a solid ride / push over the pass and on to Nikolai.  This was going to be a great day!