ITI 2013 writeup (a)


The ITI, as it usually does when I get around to writing a race report, is both starting to consciously fade and subconsciously build already for next year.  There are a couple of nice entries here and here written on the ITI recently that capture the way a race can get into your mind.  The ITI is one of those races for me. 
My thanks for this year’s race:  My wife Sarah & family for allowing and supporting me in my ridiculous addiction.  Mike Mraz for housing and always driving me to the race.....and LWcoaching!

Yes, I used Lynda Wallenfalls for her training and coaching advice since last August.  What happens when you use someone that knows how to coach? You become faster, you’re training time is efficient, you understand what your body is doing in these events, and yes for the first time there was no edema (more on that later)!! Thank you Lynda!

There were a couple of fascinating things about this year’s race (IMO): 

First, it was fast. Why? Because of Jeff Oately. If there is anyone to “blame” for the ridiculous pace and lack of sleep it was Jeff- he set the tone for the race and the top group that was following was astoundingly strong. Hats off to Jeff, John, Kevin, Tim and JP. 

Second, we weren’t pushing through 3 feet of snow but more importantly the trail could be ridden 99.5% (maybe 99.1%) of the time.  That’s never happened to me before.  There were definitely a couple of sections that without the current light setup of 100’s would not have been ridden in my previous bike versions.

Last,  the constant riding created tremendous momentum which allowed for less sleep; there was also a lack of mentally degrading things -like *significant* wind, pushing, or negative temps- .  I only slept 2.5 hrs total at the most, others in the lead were more in the <2 font="" hr="" range.="" style="mso-spacerun: yes;">  I thought for sure someone in the front would blow up, that didn't seem to happen. 


As for me-- I hung on to the lead pack (it was a pack too) through the first checkpoint and then I backed off so I wouldn’t blow up (they were going too fast for me not too). 

Overall, I am happy with my race and had some major breakthroughs (due to LW which I will write up a bit more).  It was my fastest time and I had a lot of fun riding by myself most of the race.... but 6th wasn't my goal.  Better training for next year!    


Jill Homer said…
You guys are all completely crazy. :) Congrats on a great race. I was astonished with the pace you and the other top riders/runners were able to hold. Beat is still grinding toward Nome and even though his pace has slowed, mentally he still seems really into going the distance. I'll be in touch about possibly coming out to visit as he gets closer.

Onto next year already? Oi.
Phil said…
I've been tracking Beat, let me know you're more than welcome here as long as you don't mind small kids and small house. I also can find another place if this house is too packed. Shoot me a message.