This is a screen shot of wild man Billy Koitzsch STILL riding his fatbike heading to Fairbanks, day 40-ish?.  He started a week or so before ITI this year at Knik or maybe Big Lake and then finished in Nome alongside Bob Ostrom (ITI bike finisher). 

I met up with Billy in Rohn and we were talking about the race, his frost bitten feet from last year and his intent to finish in Nome and then head back to Fairbanks.  I kind of thought, "that's cool..." but never thought he would be able to do it.  There is too much variability and to turn around in Nome would be a really difficult-- scratch that-- an impossible thing to do... He did it though and headed back down the coast to Kaltag on the Yukon made a left and is now past Ruby;. the reportely "iffy" section from Ruby to Tanana, where there is usually not a lot of travel.

That is pretty insane, go Billy!


Jill Homer said…
This is incredible. Regardless of the trail conditions, it's difficult to comprehend how is heart is still in it after 40-plus days. The frostbite damage alone must be causing significant pain, on top of the daily grind. And he's still at it. Go Billy!
Anonymous said…
Awesome, my hat is off to him