ITI 2013 (last)

It has been over two months since the ITI. I jumped right back into work and barely able to take a breath with sporadic workouts.  I had some tingling in my hands but overall recovery was excellent.  I have been running mostly and went for an 11 mile run today at a 7.33 pace, and felt just fine.   I feel like the race strengthened me overall and am looking forward to.... well something I think?  Any ideas....?   Billy has made it in to Fairbanks, crazy guy.  Impressive. 

The end of my race has not been told and it has faded but I do remember I finished. 
February 27th, 9am: When I pulled out of Nikolai it was 9am, 2 hrs after I arrived.  I stumbled from the checkpoint into a clear and cold day.  My ass hurt but it kept me alert till I could actually sit on the bike.  Then I aired up the tires as hard as possible and started turning those peddles.  My GPS read 9-11 mph the first 15 miles.  It was great.  I just kept plugging away as midday approached and ate and drank as much as possible while riding. 

I have done this section in a little under 6 hrs as my fastest in 2010 and as high as 12 hrs in 2008.  Last year during a horrific bonk and at least -50 it took 9 or 10 hrs.  I kept the peddles turning and felt pretty good, saw no one behind me but no one in front either (not that I expected after a 5-7 hr lead time).  At a very anti-climatic 4pm-ish I rode into Peter and Tracy's driveway for the 5th time. It was good to have my fastest time in 2hrs over 3days and 6th place but a bit bummed too--  6 hrs behind the winner, JP. The next two days were a fun filled wait for Penn Air and watched a ton of racers arrive. It was great to hang out and chat with racers those days but I was ready to go home.  Some would continue on and I would be able to greet them in Nome 2 weeks later.  Maybe that will be me next year! I just may have to ride home....again.