What a miserable 6 hour, correction 5 hr 48 min, ride.  I cut it short 12 minutes because I was completely numb.  -20, no problem. Even colder no problem.  Wind, snow, blizzard, great! But wet 32-33 degree with wind, slush, ice and sideways rain, yeah that sucks.   I am always coldest in these conditions and oh yeah there was mud, mud and more mud.  42 miles of it.  I was glad to get out but man was it misery.   Good times. 

Wind sock fully extended. 


Jill Homer said…
Aw, this post makes me feel wistful for Juneau. :)

Also, I've been editing Tim Hewitt's notes about his self-supported walk to Nome last year. He had several days of rain and above freezing weather through Shagaluk and the Yukon. This might just be appropriate training yet.
Good work getting in this long ride. Toughness training.