I had the fortune to travel to Fairbanks last week for Thanksgiving. There my wife is preparing for a new album and recording at 10th Planet, a super cool recording studio, cabin style and off the beaten path.

My job was to take care of the kids but being the cool person she is I managed to get in two rather excellent rides on REAL snow trails.  Yes Nome is a farse compared to Fairbanks trail system, wow! Snow and real trails that one can actually ride a bike on... that is great compared to the wind, mud, frozen dirt that I have been riding on.

I was guided by the infamous famous bike rider, we'll call him "Jeff"to keep his secret identity as he showed me some trade secrets that I can't reveal on a blog. He also had friends and a wife who loaned me a bike(s): a very gracious thank you to them even though I think I did bust a front derailler even if they don't think so... never lend things to people ..... but I am grateful.  If I actually took any pictures of the awesome loops we did one would 'see' -30 temps at the bottom of Goldstream and northern lights streaming in the sky.  I had a chance to try out some rather really really excellent new Lakes with shoe covers. Toes were toasty. Ahhh now that is reassuring. As well as a nice Niterider light.  I had way too much fun shopping at Beaver Sports; something I can never do in Nome and even bought some tubes--- (I've had a series of delfations recently), a novelty. (see below)

 Overall it felt more like a very very fun training trip that was unexpected.  Thank you Fairbanks and the secret Jeff family, we had a great time.  


allapa said…
Nome is cooler!