Flu, fluid and feeling better

On Christmas eve I came down with what was most likely a nasty case of the flu type A, a bad one  that has been going around town.  The whole family got it but it hit me the worst.  It was like a freight train ran over my lungs and head.  I am pretty sure that the respiratory illness that hit me in September (and took a long time to recover) added to the effect of this last one.  In the Sept illness I thought I recovered but like a typical addict I kept working out and fooled myself into thinking that I was better.... riding was ok (even long 8 hr rides)  but every time I ran my lungs felt like someone was standing on it. Something I have never felt before.  I don't get sick often and am fairly certain it has been a culmination of work related hours and stress.  So when the flu was going around I got hit hard.  I could feel crackling fluid in my lungs when I breathed.... not a good sign. Aside from core gym training I took three weeks completely off, slept in, had reasonable hours and barely rode-- a rather difficult thing to do.  But it worked... along with nebulizer tx with antibtiotics that is....

I rode today, cautiously.  We just had a storm yesterday that dumped a bunch of snow so was surprised one of the local trails was actually rideable.  It felt great, no better than great. I was surprised how well it went.  The illness and missing a couple of key rides may change my strategy a bit for the ITI but for the first time in weeks I am feeling confident about this years ITI.  


I spent the bulk of today on amazon exploring the very dangerous "one click".  Dang that is an evil button but I managed to get a lot of updates on my gear, trail food and even bike components. I am still exploring some bike setup options which will be interesting.  I see a lot of carbon setups and ultra light setups that I will have to compete with my "older" fatback.  Amazing that the fatback I have is only a year old and already so much has changed.  We'll see what happens....   I'm just glad my health has really rebounded... whew.