ITI 2014 Start

I have a lot of thoughts about this years race other than just a race report but having a difficult time to actually put down on "paper".  I'll start out with thanks to many of the usual suspects who "sponsor" me in their own way every year.  This year due to my flu / pneumonia I had three physicians help me get my health together before the race that are worth great thanks: Dr. Head, Dr. Mraz and Dr. Lawrence- three awesome folks who are great at what they do.  Thank you.  The list goes on to my family, of course- Sarah, Jojo, Hahnah and my folks- my mom came up to help with the kids this year. Dave C for driving me out to the start and LW Coaching for planning a strategy that seemed to have gotten me to the finish line in a decent time even with a less than ideal amount of saddle time b/c of said illness.  That flu was nasty I have to say.   LW said I need to wait 5 minutes after everyone leaves at the start... it would prevent me from blowing up too early and give me a fighting chance to build as I go.  Not the easiest way to do the ITI but I did it.  Lastly thanks to Jeff O for getting me studded tires at the last minute when everywhere else was sold out! There are A LOT of people to thank while on the trail which I will try to do as I write this up too...

Here I am waiting around at the start and after everyone goes.... thanks for the pics Dave!