Cycle to the Sun Race

I have had a couple of misadventures since the ITI staying true to the blog title but have not been able to write it up.  Heck I am still working on the best part of my ITI where I cut out my bike shorts so my saddle oozes wouldn't touch fabric... but that's another story.  My latest venture is the cycle to the sun race.  Yes I went roadie... for a second.  I happen to be in Maui with the family and while renting a road bike the worker at the shop said "hey there is the cycle to the sun race up Haleakela this weekend you should see if you can sign up".  So I did, thinking it would be the perfect training ride before Ironman Canada next month... yes another misadventure waiting to happen. 

What the heck, I did the ride a few years ago with a mountain bike it'll be way faster on a road bike.  It was but I started further down toward Paia a town on the ocean. Also there is just no way around suffering on a 36 mile uphill.... racing... with fast cyclists.  It was an awesome race with people, did I mention it already, that were really fast road cyclists. I only managed 63rd place at 4 hrs 7 min although my strava says 4 hrs 8 min, I don't think it makes much difference.  The winner did it in 2 hrs 47 min....I have no pictures, I was pretty wasted at the top as if the heat and altitude weren't enough there was no wind and these wild Alaska type swarming bugs were driving me batty. I wanted down ASAP.  The race org won't let you ride back down so I had to hitch a ride with someone. Let's just say I almost hurled on the way down... going up on a bike is way better than a car!!

What's the race detail?  I will say no more and just show the profile and highly recommend it: