Reflections and past images

It's amazing when I logged back on to this blog how long it lay dormant.  I guess in some ways it has been good since it just means I have been insanely busy. Life, work, family, adventure, repeat.  Usually in any order.  Blogs seem obsolete or outdated but I actually like it as a public journal.  My older 'agedness' certainly forgets things and reading older posts are radically fun.  I simply cannot believe I didn't write about the ITI's best parts.... in 2014 of getting lost and losing my vision across Norton sound from Shaktoolik to Koyuk-- or insane cold, brutal winter storm and epic edema in 2015 or where I thought I was going to get eaten by a dog on the Yukon that followed me from Koyuku to Nulato.... or in 2016 ITI's cursing the broken chain, broken crank and having alternative lapses in reality .... or this past year 2017's ITI where I developed a bleeding ulcer and stopped in McGrath... (although I didn't know I had a bleeding ulcer at the time and thought I was having a heart attack between Nikolai and McGrath)... yeah that kind of  scared the crap out of me.  The list goes on and on like my run on sentences. As usual I want to write it up and, some day I will, but for now enjoy a few pictures of the summer of 2016... a super cool trip into the Seward peninsula preserve, my latest 5 year summer addiction.

Flying in style

Great scenery of the hike out

Kuzitrin Lake

Navigating in nasty bugs

The group right before Jeff and I hiked to Council while they pack rafted

Weird tundra ice things

Hot buggy and tired of tussock hiking


Jill Homer said…
You really are a crazy man. Glad you're still updating the blog from time to time.
Phil Hofstetter said…
Thanks, it’s a challenge to update and I wish I did it more. Hope you and Beat will give the ITI another go around this winter.