A day in the life

Wake up, enjoy the morning with the family then decide what to do... Sunday was the day I could have a solid bunch of hours to get out but over the years I have become extremely selective, almost snobbish, what to do since I can't just disappear for a few days like I used to. It has to be fun and new and challenging.

I look at the current weather, forecast, various weather stations in the area and of course the wind. On the ocean or away? Bike or kayak or row? Too windy and I won't make many miles on the ocean but the wave action is exciting. Which direction, start against or with the wind. Objective goal, exploration or just a work out. Too little wind and interior trips will be buggy.

As much as I enjoy the ocean I opted for some kayak exploration / workout. I've been wanting to check the route out of Safety Sound from the Flambeau river when we pack raft it later this summer with the Buster Creek trail connector. As you go up the sound there are various creeks and three rivers that empty into the sound. This makes it rather marshy, swampy, with lots of dead end ponds, sloughs..

and this stuff under the water....

I am not particularly fond of sounds or lagoons as they tend to be (kind of boring) extremely shallow with quicksand type mud unless you know the "road". Luckily the kayak draft is pretty tolerant so I had no issues this trip. It was a beautiful day in the 70's and just enough wind to thwart the mosquitoes, which are incredible back here in the swamp.

All in all it was a fabulous 7 hr paddle and my GPS logger showed about 27 miles even with all the dead end ponds I ran into. I finally found the route to the river though I didn't know it until I returned and checked my google earth with my GPS coordinates.

When I returned in the evening around 9:30 the weather actually got warmer and I wished for a longer trip. Instead I took a dip in the ocean and cut a little wood before returning home. All in all a great day.