Busted Creek

Buster Creek trail was a bust.  I rode from town to where the trail begins and rapidly realized the single digit temps have done little to freeze up overflow, marsh and the river.
Overflow on the trail
 I also forgot that these creeks are fed by springs not easily frozen.   It was a delicate bushwack the first 3 miles without overboots to get to higher ground where I thought the trail would be hard packed. 

...more overflow on the trail
Open lead

Willow bushwacking

 Not exactly riding but eventually I was able to ride the ridgeline and peak over into the Flambeaux valley- my initial destination.  A little too early in the season and a little ambitious but still a solid 5 hour ride/drudge & 30 miles according to my bike computer by the time I got home.


Ahhh finally hardpack trail