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Sunday, December 26, 2010

Post Christmas Day Ride...

I read this weather report today and just had to go out for a ride..."Mostly cloudy. Areas of blowing snow in the evening. Lows 15 to 20 below. North winds 20 to 30 mph. Wind chill to 50 below."  I bundled up, brought my Kestrel weather instrument along to see what actual wind, temp and windchills were and rode the fatbike for a few hours.  The strongest wind was 37 mph in one of the channelled areas and windchill of -33.  Not too terrible. There were really nice pics to be had and I had every intention of taking pictures but my camera completely froze up.  Makes this post a little boring unfortunately, since it was one of my more intense rides lately.  But I will post a Christmas Day pic instead.

The ride had all the good components to make it interesting; wind, low temps, wind, pushing through deep snow and some more wind. The bike computer held up ok and it was nice to log stats. My slowest speed (riding) going uphill against the raging north wind was 2.4 mph  and my fastest was 26 mph heading back to town... fastest on my fatbike ever. I am happy with my new rims, new drivetrain and my old gear.  I realized today that I don't have to replace much gear this year, most of it still works really well.  I'm actually kind of impressed, there are a series of gear pieces that will be going into my 4th ITI.  

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sasha said...

haven't read in quite some time. haven't written on mine either. trying to do some catching up today and enjoyed looking back at your stories and pictures. hope all is well with you and your little family!