There's nothing quite like sitting on the Bering Sea after the sun rises.  I love the weekends and when the weather is decent I can take Hahnah outside.  It's like a mad rush to pack in as much as possible; playing on the Bering Sea ice, ice skating in the local rink, snow maching to her favorite playground and of course eating at Subway for lunch. 

As quickly as the calm sunny day arrived it left. I woke up this morning to a (surprise) windy morning for my ride to the pool. Unfortunately, had to resort to 7mph on the road as opposed to 3 mph or less grunt on the trail to make it on time. Couldn't help to take a small snippet of video with my nano ipod. Another video with wind noise, yippee. Lately, it's been much more fun (and easier to carry) taking these poor quality videos than photos.  Although, I wish I would have taken the video when the wind was at my back for a new fatbike PR road speed of 28mph. 

Untitled from Philip Hofstetter on Vimeo.