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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Timberman Tri, 70.3

Brother, sis-in-law, me
family & friends

Another triathlon down, this one was in New Hampshire, a little different from last weeks in Seattle area. The scenery was great, my brother and friends were there to participate as well. It was great fun but I completely blew up on the run. Maybe a week is not long enough recovery or maybe the heat but the run was horrendous for me, 10 minutes slower than last week. I think at one point I was drooling.

The swim was a little faster at 31 minutes for 1.2 miles and the bike an average 21 mph at 2 hrs 38 minutes for 56 miles also a little faster but the run.... 1 hr 48 minutes for an average 8 min 11 sec mile talk about bonking.  I missed breaking 5 hrs, again, by 2 minutes this time. Of course now I am going to be a little obsessed to break 5 in the future.  The tri's are really well organized for over 2,000 people and we even got to see the world champion herself, Chrissie Wellington, race smoking most of the pro guys.  She handed out finisher medals for over an hour too including when my brother finished. About 2hrs after I finished the race had to be shutdown for a wicked thunderstorm that barrelled in with horizontal race and lighting all over.  Kind of cool ending. 

Otherwise, having a blast in the lower 48 visiting family and will be sad to leave. Hahnah and family having a great time these past couple of weeks.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Lake Stevens 70.3 Triathlon

I can't quite say Ironman since it really is a half even though it is part of the ironman series.  Last weekend while visiting family in Washington I had signed up for the Lake Stevens half.  It was great fun.  I certainly wish I could write up a report with a great deal of self deprecating detail; there was a lot of Lycra, fancy ass bikes and some funny moments but I just can't pull that off like others can.  I like tri's because they are strictly designed for speed and you simply have to have a ton of logistics together for each event.  People actually hand you stuff to eat and drink during the race, now that is wild.  It was great to see pros smoking the course too.  In any event here's the summary:

A 4am drive (thank you Seth & family for letting me stay at your place!) for the 6:30 am start.  The bike lot was awesome, I was amazed at the expense of these bikes all in one place.  My heat was almost dead last which meant I started in 1029th place, practically and there were never ending people to pass.  It really sucked on the swim, which actually was not my best for 1.2 miles at 32 minutes.  That's what happens when the pool closes 2 months ago in Nome for maintenance.  Oh well, I held back a bit and it set me up for a good bike course.  A fair amount of hills and a top speed of 52 mph, that was fun! I did an average of 20 mph for a time of 2:43 for 56 miles. The 13.1 mile run was completed in 1hr 38 minutes also pretty good, for me.  I felt fine but was kind of bummed to miss breaking 5 hr mark for a time of 5 hrs 35 seconds.  I blame it on the 3 minute port a potty break I had to take because I was dumb enough to hold it at the beginning. 

Swim course taken day before event.

Finishline, taken day before.

Bike lot at 6 am.
I get to do it again this weekend in the Timberman 70.3 while visiting my east coast family.  We'll see if I am recovered or blow up.  I didn't have any soreness but who knows if the ole body can handle the heat!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Sunny Photo Sunday

After the 7th rainiest July on record the sun peaked out this weekend in time for a few more photos of fun.
My turn playing music with Joe and my mosquito bitten forehead.

Welcome home party for some great friends who moved back to Nome.