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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Stewart River Valley

Another great ride today, thanks to Tyler who tried out his newly acquired Pugsly.  We went up glacier creek road till the end and rode the 4-wheeler trail to Stewart River valley and the Sinuk river.  It was 31 miles and a lot more mud than I wanted on my drivetrain.  Nevertheless a good forage.  

We stopped at our friends camp who happened to be enjoying the weekend too. Thanks for the orange!

Tyler on a small snow section.  

Looking at Tigaraha Mnt.  and the kigs

Creeks were part of the trail not just crossings. 

A little creek running through the 4-wheeler track. Tyler's Pugsly getting a good intro to riding. 

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Summer Fat

A short fat bike ride after work but before dinner; just love how easy it is to access these rides.   Getting fancy with the video on my nano, even added a favorite song and everythin'.

Untitled from Philip Hofstetter on Vimeo.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Road Trip

Nome's road system is pretty cool, we drew straws and chose Teller. A 70 mile trip from Nome with the family.  Lots of fun, good pics and pleasant weather.  I was able to daydream about some future excursions and recognized scenery from past ones (with a bit of nostalgia).

hmmm which way to take the truck across? 

Picnic on the way. 

Thanks for the truck switch Chris, much more comfy! 

At Teller Beach spit, but what am I doing? 

Picking quiviat off the willow. 

The Kigs... sigh. 

Gold dredge history. 

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Hoka what?

A few weeks ago I thought it would be "fun" to increase my routine 8 mile run "lap" and run it twice. 8+8= 16 miles and yet I felt: (pain)=10log(pain). It was amazing how poorly my hips and knees felt, recovery was fine but hmmm something new or an old ITB acting up... Ever since even my 8 mile run is painful at the end and begins exactly at mile 3.7.  I don't want to give up running, it's not really great fun but it allows me to mix up the excercise week-- cross training, a key tool for the older exercising fanatics.   I've been reading about the Hoka One shoes for the past year and see a lot of 'older' yet top ultra runners reporting less injury or less soreness.  Well that's for me! I don't have a coach telling me how to run properly (nor do I want one) and I simply want to perceive if there is a difference.  If a few millimeters on a bike seat can have exponential effects on knees and performance why not shoes too.  I received the Bondi B, for the second time (the first time the size was a little small), a few weeks ago and with them ran a few of the 8 mile laps as well as a triathlon last weekend.  Here are my graded impressions for the average joe shmoe runner:

1. I immediately noticed I was 2 inches taller.  A+
2. It was so springy I kept bouncing up and down so much my daughter thought it was a fun game. A+
3. The sizing is ok, a little on the small side but one can't count on my clods. Aside from my wide flat feet something happened to the size of my feet after the "swelling incident" a few years ago.  B+
4. Expensive but not when you compare it to a PT or physicians exam or radiology. A-
5. I've been doing the same "lap" for years and for the first time I ran an average 7:10 per mile without too much trouble and .... oh yeah no pain, anymore.  A++++

As for the triathlon: The Stroke and Croak is a very fun event that I try to complete each year.  My swim was slower than last year but otherwise...
1.6 km swim: 22min 30 sec.
4 mile run: ~30 min.
8 mile bike: ~26 min
T1:2 min.

...3 minutes faster overall than last year. probably b/c of this:

and this.... (never had one of these before, just couldn't pass up that REI special on a carbon frame....)