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Wednesday, December 4, 2013


I had the fortune to travel to Fairbanks last week for Thanksgiving. There my wife is preparing for a new album and recording at 10th Planet, a super cool recording studio, cabin style and off the beaten path.

My job was to take care of the kids but being the cool person she is I managed to get in two rather excellent rides on REAL snow trails.  Yes Nome is a farse compared to Fairbanks trail system, wow! Snow and real trails that one can actually ride a bike on... that is great compared to the wind, mud, frozen dirt that I have been riding on.

I was guided by the infamous famous bike rider, we'll call him "Jeff"to keep his secret identity as he showed me some trade secrets that I can't reveal on a blog. He also had friends and a wife who loaned me a bike(s): a very gracious thank you to them even though I think I did bust a front derailler even if they don't think so... never lend things to people ..... but I am grateful.  If I actually took any pictures of the awesome loops we did one would 'see' -30 temps at the bottom of Goldstream and northern lights streaming in the sky.  I had a chance to try out some rather really really excellent new Lakes with shoe covers. Toes were toasty. Ahhh now that is reassuring. As well as a nice Niterider light.  I had way too much fun shopping at Beaver Sports; something I can never do in Nome and even bought some tubes--- (I've had a series of delfations recently), a novelty. (see below)

 Overall it felt more like a very very fun training trip that was unexpected.  Thank you Fairbanks and the secret Jeff family, we had a great time.  

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Variety in Weekend Rides

Tundra art or tundra junk
Snow art

Last weekend was spectacular; nice, cool and a little bit of snow.  My ride was a solid 42 miles, half the time yet the same amount as the 6 hour ride previously in the mud.  My wife and family followed in a vehicle out to salmon lake and she took the dish washer pic.  Funny and sad at the same time. 

Hahnah shivering in her fancy dress and boots.

The following weekend the weather switched to a decent storm that warmed up the temps to high 30's so it all went to mud again.  This would be miserable ride part II.  Three and half hours and only 20 miles.  You have to love the variations in ride distance with the same time and efforts.  Very similar to snow biking so I guess it's good.

These ocean shots were the day after the storm.
 I really enjoy watching the ocean (as long as I'm not in it) during storms.  On my return ride the wind shifted to the west and was blowing as a direct headwind the last couple of miles.  I was getting thrown around on the bike a bit with a max speed of 3 mph.  Needless to say I arrived into town as just as the lights went out.  Pretty cool storm. 

Friday, October 25, 2013


What a miserable 6 hour, correction 5 hr 48 min, ride.  I cut it short 12 minutes because I was completely numb.  -20, no problem. Even colder no problem.  Wind, snow, blizzard, great! But wet 32-33 degree with wind, slush, ice and sideways rain, yeah that sucks.   I am always coldest in these conditions and oh yeah there was mud, mud and more mud.  42 miles of it.  I was glad to get out but man was it misery.   Good times. 

Wind sock fully extended. 

Sunday, October 6, 2013

October Training Ride

October is here and another round of training to look forward to for the ITI.  After a lukewarm summer of training for races, mostly local running races, I am excited about tackling another training season for the ITI. My intent is to go to Nome and hope I can tackle improvement on my previous time as I did this year with the 350, thanks primarily to LWcoaching and good trails.  I will be using Lynda again and given the family and work life I am super stoked to follow blindly where someone else is telling me what to do! All I have to do is follow directions and not think too much.

I started last week with diving into the training schedule and finished my first 6 hr training ride on Friday.  Instead of risking a terribly boring 6 hrs I opted to drive 20 miles down the coast and start the ride on a beautifiul flat section of beach for the first 5 miles before hopping on the gravel road and turn inland towards Council.  Depending on the weather and wind I was aiming for a 60-70 mile ride total.  The goal was to at least make it to the top of skookum pass (~1200 ft) which is a gradual rolling ascent to 500 ft with a sharp climb the last 1 mile which is much steeper to top out the pass.  I fully intended to take pictures with my iphone but it ran out of juice in the 1st 10 miles before turning inland.  Someday I'll have to get a real camera so I can capture the incredible scenery and maybe even the 4 bears I saw grazing the tundra.

Overall, I worked on my nutritiion keeping a mild-moderate effort and basically getting my body used to a long ride again.  The beautiful day was a cool 35 degrees and some wind, which happened to switch direction midway up the pass (yes a head wind both ways) but it was just freeing to get out in the country a bit.  Only saw 2 vehicles on the road and otherwise the whole place to myself.  At the end of the ride the last 10 miles of flat road and beach to the truck were weary legs but the 62 miles were done and it was simply satisfaction.  The following day my body had no kinks or soreness other than quads so a good sign I think.


Sunday, August 4, 2013

Summer activities

One would think with all these wonderful pictures that it has been a summer of never ending outdoor activities and travel.  While we were able to do some things I would say the summer has passed in a whirl with 120 mph work, run, work, quick family event, work, work, race, work, squeeze in family event and a little more work followed by two more races.
Earlier this spring I asked LW to recommend a couple of races to do this summer, I always intend to do a bike race in lower 48 but it never comes to fruition.  I ended up doing 4 local summer races so far; 

Stroke and Croak triathlon in May (1.5km swim, 4 mile run, 8 mile bike) in 1:23, a 11.2 Anvil Mnt run with 1K climb in 1 hr 15 min, a 3:20 marathon followed by a 55 min 8.1 mile race a week later.  I think I am ready for biking again! 

Hahnah read about Balto in her childrens book and we found out there was a statue of Balto in Central Park.  Who knew!?

Monday, June 10, 2013

Bering break

A few rides as the ice broke up ...
During some really nice days....
The sun seemed endless...

Except it did and the fog , rain and 30 degree temps moved in....

A triathlon ( stroke n croak) last Sunday showed Nomeites didn't care (not really). Not one complaint or comment on the miserable weather as a compliment of racers, kids to adults, braved a mile pool swim followed by a windy, rainy, foggy cold 4 mile run and a similar 8 mile bike. Nome's awesome!

Sunday, June 2, 2013