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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Busted Creek

Buster Creek trail was a bust.  I rode from town to where the trail begins and rapidly realized the single digit temps have done little to freeze up overflow, marsh and the river.
Overflow on the trail
 I also forgot that these creeks are fed by springs not easily frozen.   It was a delicate bushwack the first 3 miles without overboots to get to higher ground where I thought the trail would be hard packed. 

...more overflow on the trail
Open lead

Willow bushwacking

 Not exactly riding but eventually I was able to ride the ridgeline and peak over into the Flambeaux valley- my initial destination.  A little too early in the season and a little ambitious but still a solid 5 hour ride/drudge & 30 miles according to my bike computer by the time I got home.


Ahhh finally hardpack trail

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Fat Again

After the ITI this year my fatbike was torn down and had a good rest in my garage... till now. Some new parts arrived for my wildfire that are pretty exciting. I had a new wheelset made by Speedway that is lighter and wider and replaced my drivetrain. It was nice to bond with my fatbike again and spend some quality time going through the bike. I am getting tired of using my old beater bike anyway and I would like to go on a grand venture in the Bering Preserve soon.

It'd be great to pass my bike on to a pro mechanic and say here fix it up (as I’ve done when the bike is stored in Anchorage) but since I live here in Nome there is no access to that kind of love. It’s always good to learn the bike though.. but each time I work on it I find that there are these specialized tools that I never seem to have. So I go on amazon and order one up, wait 2 weeks and then move forward until I have to remove something else that I can’t do without a “special” tool. This happened again while replacing the front chainrings. Apparently, chainrings just can’t be screwed in place with a standard allen screw it has to have a ridiculous (b/c I don’t have the tool) notched backing. One could almost use a screwdriver but would risk ruining it. I was frustrated enough to attempt to make my own tool…. This has never worked before but every now and then something I fabricate actually functions. Crude but effective.

So happy to have the fatbike working again ready to roll. Now I just gotta scratch the itch for the next madventure TBA.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010


One last wood gathering expedition, at least with trucks.  The snow and sand were just enough not to get stuck.  We had a south wind storm last week that I thought would bring in fresh wood but instead it cleaned the beach.  

Last weekend Halloween party, I dressed up as my wife- pregnant and all. 

A busy month without a great deal to post on extra curricular outdoor activities.   Weekly rides and runs, locally, that are invigorating with the drop in temps and stiff wind but nothing spectacular.  

I have been mulling over a good sized bike ride into the Bering Land Preserve now that the snow is here.  The preserve is a highly inaccessible (difficult) place to get to located in the northern part of the peninsula.  No mining, no motorized vehicles and location make this an ideal remote area to explore. My friend Tyler and I did a hike a few years ago into it and that only whet my appetite.  I've always wanted to get back in there again.  The geology is incredibly interesting (and untouched); aside from the hot springs, and lava fields it also holds the largest maar lake in the world.  More on this forming plan later...