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Saturday, June 26, 2010


I've been "arm-chairing" a couple of events, the first is the tour divide; a race I kind of maybe would like to do some day maybe- and the second is WS100; a race I will never do.

The tour divide is a 2,700+ mile mnt bike race down the great divide.  A cool multi day event that has been great arm chairing the last couple of years; but recently had a tragedy.  A few days ago a racer passed away after hitting a truck on the route and man that kind of hit home more than I care to admit.  The racer, Dave Blumenthal (who I do not know) is the same age as me and left behind a wife and a daughter, also the same age.  I read his blog and saw pictures and I couldn't get through it... there were too many similarities with my family. Crazy things happen all the time but I just simply feel horrible for the family.  I always feel tremendous guilt for leaving my family to do things that some think stupid, some think adventurous.  In either case it's a sad feeling and my heart goes out to the family.....

On a lighter note, I have been addicted to watching this ultra running 100 miler.  Running is not my thing but knowing & watching crazy runners like Tim Hewitt and Tom Jarding in the ITI then Geoff Roes in other races the past few years, well I certainly have incredible respect.  Today Geoff is competing with some of the best 100 mile runners in the world at the WS100.  Good luck to him.  

Friday, June 25, 2010

Ode to Jarol

Last weekend was a complete blast listening to music, volunteering a little bit, playing a little music and enjoying the turn of summer in Nome.  Nome Folk Fest celebrated it’s 10th year and the founding mother and father of this event is Carol Gales and Jim Dory of Nome.  Over the years they somehow “conned” big bands such as, The Wilders, Salsa Borealis, Stairwell Sisters, Barefoot and now Crooked Still to Nome that not only play incredible music but they put them to work. They partake in Nome events, parades, conduct workshops, children concerts, etc. I believe Crooked Still played 2 radio shows, a jam session, 2 mainstage shows, 1 childrens concert and 1 bar show all within 48 hours.  There are simply not many places where you can hang out with a band for a weekend, take their workshops, ask questions about music, listen to them jam and get to know them personally.  It’s really an incredible “very Nome” experience.  Carol and Jim also brought gifted songwriter, Sarah C Hanson (now my wife) up for a concert a number of years ago, but that’s a different story.  So my hats off to you Carol and Jim, keep on rocking!!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Nome Folk Fest 2010

An incredible weekend of music and fun.  The guest band Crooked Still is my now favorite group, well except for my wife. Here is  a video of another great performance of One Voice, though I am biased since Sarah is in it.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Crooked Still in Nome!

The group from Boston, Crooked Still, arrived in Nome to kick off Folk Fest 2010.  They are really great folks! aaand awesome, no !outstanding! musicians!! We are having and continue to look forward to a fun weekend.  On thursday night there was a little jam gathering and Hahnah had really taken to the singer, Aoife.  What a fun video, have to show it!

Crooked Still and Hahnah from Philip Hofstetter on Vimeo.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Sunday Ride

Nome has some fabulous mountain biking opportunities. In addition to four wheeler trails that are a little more challenging, the standard roads out of Nome mostly look as pictured below.  There are about 300 miles that go out into the country. It's perfect gravel riding with a good chance of seeing wildlife and getting into remote spots.  

Yesterday's ride was a standard loop I go on of about 20 miles and maybe 2,000 ft of climbing.  It is a great loop with little traffic, good scenery without having to commit more than 2 hours.  I usually add in a short hike up to Anvil (~900 ft) since it is on the way home.  No dogs and no big animal charges.  A good ride.  

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Stroke & Croak

Last weekend I participated in the local annual FUN Nome triathlon, Stroke & Croak.  (Huge thanks to Sharon for always putting this event on each year!) It’s a very heavily weighted swim course with 1600 meter (1 mile) swim, 4 mile run and 8 mile bike.  About every other year I like to do this event to stretch out a different set of muscles... like running. Running is not exactly exciting for me and, well, I’d rather step on some nails than run.  I just don't know how those ultrarunners do it. 

Occasionally, I throw around the idea of competing in a few triathlons to offer up a little fun racing variety.  At first, I was disheartened when I came down with an incredibly virulent sore throat and chest cold two days before the event.  It was so harsh I thought I had strep followed by bronchitis.   I lay in bed hacking on Saturday completely wiped out and thought there was no way I would compete.  However, I was also the swimming leg of a relay for the event so I took one for the team and mustered up.  

Fortunately, by Sunday the fast moving illness decided I wasn’t a good host and left.  Overall I was happy with the result of 1 hr 24 min:

Swim: 21 min & change
Run: 32 min
Bike: 27 min
T1,2: 3 min

There's room for improvement and I'll see what I can do till the next event.  My brother is doing a triathlon in July in NY and I hope to join him if I can get off the wait list. 

Monday, June 7, 2010


Good day fishing even though no fish.  The pink pole is awesome, well I suppose that's for Hahnah.